DamWatch recognised as an ASCE GameChanger

ASCE GameChangers logo

We are proud to have DamWatch recognized by the ASCE in their list of GameChangers. GameChangers are defined by the ASCE as “successful solutions across the major infrastructure sectors”.

The ASCE noted the success of the partnership between the  U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service and USEngineering Solutions Corp. to launch DamWatch. DamWatch provides real-time monitoring and access to data on approximately 12,000 NRCS dams across 47 states. One highlight was a period of historic rainfall in Oklahoma between April and July 2015. DamWatch helped NRCS personnel to monitor, respond and communicate information efficiently throughout events affecting dams and their spillways.

More information, as well as the opportunity to view other ASCE GameChangers, is available here: Improving Public Safety with DamWatch