Pennsylvania DOT now using BridgeWatch® statewide

Penn DOT logo

We are very pleased to announce that Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Penn DOT) has expanded their initial pilot of BridgeWatch to a statewide application. Penn DOT is responsible for ensuring the safety of approximately 25,000 state-owned bridges. They have chosen BridgeWatch to provide real-time monitoring for thousands of bridges across the state.

BridgeWatch is monitoring multiple sources, such as NEXRAD precipitation and USGS stream and seismic data, 24/7 in order to provide Penn DOT personnel with up-to-date condition information. Alert notifications are dispatched when environmental conditions threaten public safety.  This enables Penn DOT personnel to respond appropriately and efficiently, and effectuate Plan of Actions (POAs) if necessary.

We look forward to continuing our work with the staff at Penn DOT and providing the high level of service our clients have come to associate with USEngineering Solutions Corp.