Full Software Suite to Monitor All Infrastructure & Assets

IRIS® (Intelligent Response Information System) is a comprehensive web- based monitoring software solution that empowers critical infrastructure owners and emergency management officials to predict, identify, prepare for, manage, and record potentially destructive environmental events. IRIS® harnesses all of the functionality and data connectivity of USES’ full suite of software solutions to allow for monitoring all infrastructure and assets in a given geographic location.

Proactively monitor, in real time, infrastructure and assets to better protect against hazardous, costly, and potentially catastrophic events.

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Centralize Data and Alert Key Personnel

IRIS® centralizes and makes accessible all database and geospatial information through an interactive web interface. Essential personnel are alerted via any electronic medium (cell phones, pagers, email, fax, etc.) can implement Emergency Plans (POAs, EOPs/EAPs, and ERPs) if necessary when infrastructure and assets are experiencing a dangerous or critical event.

Monitor and Manage All Assets


assets managed


assets monitored



Command & Control Across All Platforms

  • 24/7 Asset Management and environmental conditions monitoring Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • 24/7 Secure web-based accessibility through an intuitive interface that provides geographical and Situational Awareness for Command and Control
  • Alerts key personnel of potentially destructive events
  • Optional Dynamic Form Generation Tool: implement, customize, and manage client forms
  • Ticketing System incorporated for document management, sharing, and tracking real-time status
  • Accesses, digitizes, and securely stores all files and data (plans, photos, reports, inspections, EAPs, POAs, EOPs, ERPs, project files, etc.)
  • Emergency preparedness, Simulation, and Exercise tool

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